Hello There

Now THAT'S how you stare off into the distance...

Now THAT'S how you stare off into the distance...

Hello there and welcome! My goal in life is to have the best stories to tell when I’m old and nobody wants to listen to me and I try to approach every day as an opportunity for a new story.

I recently started a new company (Rocket Whale) and am hard at work creating software that I hope will help all kinds of groups improve their communication. I’ve found that good communication is a pretty important quality to have in any sort of management role and that there are a lot of managers out there that could use some help!

I’ll be using my little spot on the information superhighway as a showcase for myself, things I’m working on and so you can get to know me. So check out the projects I’ve worked on (mostly web stuff), my thoughts regarding the events of our little blue orb and if you want to know more, please get in touch with me.

Who is This Tom Person?

It's Tom O'Dea!

Hey, it's me! Weak beard option shown.

Trivial Pursuit, Tom O’Dea Edition:

  • Born and raised in Plainville, CT and have resided in Atlanta, GA since 1999.
  • Won a fire prevention poster contest in 3rd grade.
  • Went to state spelling bee finals in 5th grade (high point of spelling career).
  • Won a gold medal in golf at the CT state games at 16.
  • I’ve skied since I was 7 and was an instructor in High School. Now, snowboarding in fresh powder is one of my top 5 favorite things to do.
  • Graduated from Georgia Tech in 2003, where I worked at the GT Research Institute and was president of the roller hockey club.
  • Started and ran an adult hockey league during and after college.
  • Went to China for 3 weeks in 2006 – lots of great new stories from that trip!
  • I worked with a friend at his technology startup company, 3DScanCo, and led the successful exit of the company.
  • Spent a New Year’s in Switzerland and slept in an igloo on top of Zermatt.
  • Once fell down the library stairs in high school (about 10-15 steps).
  • Started Very Funny Gifts to market hand made candles for men.
  • I made it to the oral assessment phase of the Foreign Service officer selection process on my first attempt. I’ll try again some day!
  • Was in a talent show in high school with a friend. Our talent? Being fearless idiots. That eventually led to…
  • Me being an improv comedy actor at Whole World Improv Theatre.

You can see what I’m currently up to on my blog or follow me on twitter!