Nov 11 2010

Follow the Startup

Clearly I have not been doing what I said I would do, which is to post regular updates about what I’m accomplishing and learning relating to the start of Rocket Whale. I think this is because, for me, writing a blog entry is an arduous process. In my opinion, I’m a pretty good copywriter, but it takes me FOREVER. Some people can sit down and bang out a blog post in 15 minutes. I, on the other hand, retype sentences, reorganize things and reread everything over and over again. This makes a 2 paragraph blog post about what I’m doing on a daily or semi-daily basis a seemingly insurmountable task. Blog posts need to be perfect the first time so that they’re great when they pop up on your RSS reader. I also recognize that some day potential investors, employees, customers and employers might come to this site to read my thoughts, so I don’t want this to be a collection of poorly written blather.

For these reasons, I’m moving my startup thoughts over to Twitter. Each day, I’ll post something I’ve accomplished, something new that I’ve learned, an interesting link or something else. I might even post more than once per day (OMG). This will motivate me to get things done and I’m hoping that other entrepreneurs will be able to find it and follow the progression from a one-guy startup to a $million company. I’ll be using my regular Twitter handle, tom_odea, but I’ll add the hashtag #rktwhl to each post. Not only will this let you filter out my other nonsense but as we add employees it will organize everyone’s tweets into one place.

Finally I’ve discovered a practical use for Twitter. So go follow Tom O’Dea right now!

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