Jun 21 2011

Design Whine: Shower Door

I often come across products or web sites or anything really that have (in my opinion) poor design. It might not go as far as poor design, but there is something that I think can be improved. So I am introducing a new series that I’m calling “Design Whine” that consists of me whining about the design of something. First up is the shower door at Sam’s house. Sam is the CTO of Rocket Whale and I stay there when I go up to DC every couple of months so that we can work in the same location. It’s good for things we need to be in the same room for and also for team building. Anyways, on to the shower door.

Shower Door - I Need a Knob!

My design whine for the above picture is as follows. You see that towel on the rack on the wall? That’s mine. Sadly, the door has no handle on this side, forcing me to dig my fingers into the edge of the glass to slide it open. There is a short non-knob that is highlighted in the picture; it’s short so this door can slide in front of the other one. The non-knob should have an inset I can use with 1 finger or a popout ring or handle. On to design flaw # 2:


Mind the Gap

There’s a gap between the doors. This lets cold air blow in and water splash out. It is crying out for some type of weather stripping. Again, the sliding might be an issue due to the handle bar caps but I’d be ok with a small gap or a bristle or flap based solution.

So, there you have it. Design whine #1 is on the books. Do you have any design whines you’d like me to talk about?

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