Sep 14 2011

Whole World Improv Theatre Status


Whole World Improv Theatre actor Tom O’Dea has announced that he will be taking a sabbatical from improv acting. Although the enjoyment he receives from entertaining Atlantans is vast, it is crunch time at his startup venture, Rocket Whale. Tom is currently working full-time securing ruby on rails development projects for him and his trusted business partner to work on. This work is necessary to provide funding for him to eat food, drink beer and retain shelter. It is also providing funding for his part-time job: continuing work on his checklist-based how-to platform, HowTracker.

Tom is also in the midst of trying to rent his house out, so that he and his roommate may move their stuff to other (separate) locations, where they would also sleep and park their cars (sometimes). Unfortunately, this does not magically happen. Should you know of anyone interested in renting a spacious and grand 3/2 in the Northlake/Emory area, please contact him.

The sabbatical is currently scheduled to last through November. Tom remains hopeful that he will be able to make WWIT a priority again at that time. While this means that he’s now out of the running for a main stage promotion, he’s positive that the 2 that do get promoted most certainly deserve it and will make the theater proud.

Of his temporary departure, Tom said, “Did you ever notice that a box of cigarettes smells like raisins? Trust me, it’s true. Oh, hey, look at that man wearing animal cracker pants… he just fell off that bridge.”

He also mumbled some sad story about the talented actors he’ll miss working with, but I’m pretty sure he was lying.

When asked to comment, fellow actor John Raffa pondered, “I don’t know where we’re going to find another funny, white male. Those guys just don’t come along very often.”

It appears that Tom’s absence will be mourned. Until he returns. Then everyone will just forget that he was gone for a while.

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