Sep 14 2011

Whole World Improv Theatre Status


Whole World Improv Theatre actor Tom O’Dea has announced that he will be taking a sabbatical from improv acting. Although the enjoyment he receives from entertaining Atlantans is vast, it is crunch time at his startup venture, Rocket Whale. Tom is currently working full-time securing ruby on rails development projects for him and his trusted business partner to work on. This work is necessary to provide funding for him to eat food, drink beer and retain shelter. It is also providing funding for his part-time job: continuing work on his checklist-based how-to platform, HowTracker.

Tom is also in the midst of trying to rent his house out, so that he and his roommate may move their stuff to other (separate) locations, where they would also sleep and park their cars (sometimes). Unfortunately, this does not magically happen. Should you know of anyone interested in renting a spacious and grand 3/2 in the Northlake/Emory area, please contact him.

The sabbatical is currently scheduled to last through November. Tom remains hopeful that he will be able to make WWIT a priority again at that time. While this means that he’s now out of the running for a main stage promotion, he’s positive that the 2 that do get promoted most certainly deserve it and will make the theater proud.

Of his temporary departure, Tom said, “Did you ever notice that a box of cigarettes smells like raisins? Trust me, it’s true. Oh, hey, look at that man wearing animal cracker pants… he just fell off that bridge.”

He also mumbled some sad story about the talented actors he’ll miss working with, but I’m pretty sure he was lying.

When asked to comment, fellow actor John Raffa pondered, “I don’t know where we’re going to find another funny, white male. Those guys just don’t come along very often.”

It appears that Tom’s absence will be mourned. Until he returns. Then everyone will just forget that he was gone for a while.

May 8 2010

Sydney, This Time With Effort

I had a look through my Sydney pictures a bit more thoroughly and it turns out that I do have an interesting story. My previous Sydney write-up was lazy so hopefully I can redeem myself!

The story begins on Sunday, when after my 5k run, I decided that a nice calming visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art would be a splendid way to begin the afternoon. The Museum thought otherwise. The galleries on floors 1, 2 and 3 were closed, as well as half of floor 4.  So while I did get to spend about 15 minutes looking at art, it wasn’t quite enough. Thankfully there was a street performer on the Circular Quay (a ferry wharf) that was just starting a show. By the way, I think “wharf” is a spectacular word and I hope to use it more often.

The street performer was a body contortionist by the name of “Bendy Em”. About halfway through the show, Bendy Em decided she needed a volunteer from the audience. I would later find out that this particular volunteer would need enough muscle to actually carry her around while she was contorted in an unusual manner. Hence, the reason she did not pick me for this role. She did, however, decide to pick me as her second volunteer which turned out to be a much easier role. I would be her step-stool and assistant as she climbed into a 16″ x 16″ x 16″ plexiglass cube that stood atop a pedestal.

She put on a great show and it was fun to help out. Being a performer myself I felt her pain when jokes didn’t land and was also happy for her when everyone cheered when she got in the box and I shut the door. Unfortunately, I was standing right there and felt it would be awkward and/or draw attention to myself if I pulled out my camera to snap a photo at a time when she should clearly be the center of attention. So I’ve got no photos of the experience but if you go to her videos page you can actually see her show and also see what I would’ve been doing.

On Monday, I went to Darling Harbour (yea, they put a “u” in it) and to Chinatown, where I enjoyed some delicious shark fin dumplings and really really awesome steamed pork buns. And though it wasn’t on the menu, I was able to order Hot and Sour Soup by requesting it in Mandarin, which I was quite proud about! It was pretty good, but not quite as good as the dumpling place I went to in Melbourne with Kim and Will, which ranks second all-time to the Korean BBQ place in Changchun.

Before my flight on Tuesday, I FINALLY got to go for a swim in the ocean at a real beach. Only took me 3.5 weeks. Anyways, Manly Beach was alright but quite small. The beaches get better in Brisbane…

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