May 26 2011

Dropbox likes Snickers

I just put Dropbox on my new laptop and started syncing files. Here’s the popup image to tell me how much time is left:

Dropbox Snickers

I love stuff like this. Almost nobody would ever see it (in fact, it now says there are 33 days left), but it’s little things like this that make software great. I hope we can work some fun stuff like this into our new checklist software.

Mar 2 2010

Quick Complaint About Hot Dogs

As I was eating a hot dog with about 3/4″ of extra bun on each end, I wondered, “why do they make hot dogs in both ‘regular’ size and ‘bun-sized’ size?”  Why wouldn’t I want my hot dog to fit precisely in the bun? They should ALL be bun-sized. Are you kidding me hot dog people?

I imagine that at one time, when there weren’t 2 options, the hot dogs and buns were the same size. So did the bakers decide to make bigger bread or did the hot dog makers decide to make a smaller dog? Who deserted the other first? Is there anyone out there who can explain this to me?

Should I just find solace in the fact that they finally solved the whole 8-bun/10-hot dog fiasco? I say, “no way”. Get your shit together hot dog industry.

Feb 25 2010

The Line Between Cute and Creepy

Cute can become creepy very easily.  What kinds of things can force this change in animals?  Especially baby animals (or humans)?  Let’s make a list:

  • Missing something.  An eye, a leg, a mouth.  I’m gonna go with mouth as the creepiest of those 3.
  • Extra something.  Same deal as before – envision a puppy with double skin.
  • Odd noises.  Think “baby with a Louis Armstrong voice”.  Or replace “baby” in that statement with “baby seal”.
  • Location.  A baby in a glass display case just isn’t as cute as a baby in a crib.

And the last two that I’ll mention really amplify the convention when combined.  Size and quantity.  Imagine 500 egg-sized kittens crawling all over you and you get the idea.  But give ‘em a quick costume change and it easily goes from cute to creepy to funny.  Say all those mini-kittens donned little miniature socks, an eye patch and a cape.  Good times all around, right?