Some projects I’m proud of, some don’t turn out as well as I hope. Here’s a selection of projects from each list.

One Question

One Question - StartAtlanta

One Question

One Question is a result of my work at Start Atlanta. The basic idea is that everyone hates getting a link to a 10+ question survey, but send them one question with a choice of answers and they’ll be likely answer.

I designed the site in Photoshop and then coded it in HTML5/CSS3. I had the chance to do some cool things with opacity, transforms and transitions that ended up really nice. It was a challenge to design and code an entire site in essentially 15-20 hours but I’m pretty happy with the final result. I was hoping to design something that used the color brown as I’m fairly sick of gray and blue at this point, but I was overruled by my team in favor of a more modern color scheme. I’m really looking forward to the live version of the site to see what it ends up looking like!

Rocket Whale

New Company!

Rocket Whale, Inc.

After working in multiple small businesses, I finally have the opportunity to start something with real growth potential and work on it full time! We’re creating web applications that help small businesses communicate more effectively within their company. Our first software release should happen in the Winter of 2011, and it’s checklist software called use the list.

Our first big release will be policies and procedures software which will be released sometime in the Spring or Summer of 2011. I am quite excited to be starting this company and cannot wait to grow it into something that can help out every small business out there. Stay tuned to the Rocket Whale web site or follow Rocket Whale for updates on what we’re up to!

Very Funny Gifts

The home of Manterns: Candles for Men

Very Funny Gifts, Inc.

Very Funny Gifts started from an idea I had around 2002/’03: candles for men. The premise is that if you’re a guy and you need a last-minute or moderately priced gift for an aunt, cousin, friend or family member’s girlfriend that you don’t like or don’t know, you can always go with a candle. They look nice, smell pretty and always come in some type of easy-to-wrap packaging. It’s the easiest gift ever. No, it’s not the BEST gift, but what the hell, you got something…

I always thought that women should have the same option. After reading the Four Hour Workweek, I was inspired to get off my ass and actually do it. So I did the research, made 8 different scents of candles, packaged ‘em up and designed a custom web store to sell ‘em. Although I designed the company around the premise of automation, I don’t feel like I’ve had the opportunity to put the time into the company that’d be required for it to really take off, and to be honest, was never quite motivated enough to make that time.

3DScanCo Version 2

Creating this site was my start at 3DScanCo

3DScanCo Redesign #1, 2006

3DScanCo’s original website was small, out of date and not user-friendly. Being a small business, they did not have the time or resources to work on the site. They wanted a professional website that was not overly technical, so that potential customers could get past the hurdle of understanding 3D scanning and get right to its benefits. I did an original site design and updated their logo.

After 1 week of the website being live, it was one of the top 3D scanning sites on MSN search (now Bing), Google and Yahoo. Soon after the site went up, 3DScanCo’s revenues increased dramatically.

3DScanCo Version 3

What a beautiful web site!

3DScanCo Redesign #2, 2007

After working full-time at 3DScanCo for a year, I recommended that the site be updated again to improve search results. The site was redesigned by 45royale, Inc., who created 4 templates to be replicated for the rest of the site. I used these templates to create over 100 individual pages, modifying the design, XHTML and CSS as I went. I also coded a ColdFusion framework to make updating the site easy (I’d say the site is semi-dynamic) and I wrote all of the copy for the site that is still in use today (though partly outdated).

The current web site is the main source of new leads and is responsible for at least 75% of new clients, a majority of whom find the site via organic search results.

Atlanta Amateur Roller Hockey Association

I did a great job on the Atlanta skyline!


I started the AARHA in 2003 because the Georgia Tech Roller Hockey club didn’t have an adequate local league to play in. I managed all operations, marketing and finances for the league (consisting of up to 15 teams and 150+ players) and ran it as a profitable business. I sold the league to another club member after graduation and it is still around today (although the web site is not).

The website was done to help manage the league and according to players, coaches, and referees, the AARHA was the best run roller hockey league in Atlanta during our heyday.

Georgia Tech Research Institute

During my 2+ years working at GTRI, I worked with a slew of different web technologies. While a majority of my work centered on site maintenance, I did have a few opportunities to flex my creative muscles.

I did 2 site redesigns, one of which was for both structure and content. Unfortunately, the content for one of these redesigns is on their intranet and I cannot show it. However, the other redesign was for the Department of Professional Practice’s Co-op and Internship management portal, P2D2. Again, you can’t log in but you can get a general idea of what the site looks like from the home page.

In addition to the above web developer role, I also spent time as an Assistant DBA working with SQL and Oracle and as a Software Developer working with Java servlets and SQL.

GE Industrial Systems WebCity

Working on the intranet at GE during Jack Welch’s new web initiative proved to be challenging and exciting at the same time. It was my first real exposure to creating things on the internet and is where it all started for me.

I worked on a special project called WebCity that aimed to organize information from the different groups at GE Industrial Systems and put it in a central place so that all employees there could have all the information they needed at their fingertips. This sounds simple and is clearly obsolete with things like wikis and google sites around, but in 1999 it was quite innovative.

I was able to solicit information from the different groups and then build sites from the top down using that content. I quickly caught on to the new technology and pleased everyone enough to be asked back for another summer to help continue the project.

Georgia Tech Roller Hockey

Go Jackets!

Georgia Tech Roller Hockey Club

When I became President of the GT Roller Hockey club, I put an emphasis on communication. As the leader of a 50-member club, I knew how important it was that everyone knew what was going on at all times. Although the only thing on the website that I designed was the header image, I used it as my #1 communication tool.

I created a message board to reduce the amount of emails I had to process and to give other members the opportunity to help me answer common questions. It also let teammates organize practices and rides on their own in a centralized location.

Overall, it made everything we did more efficient and was a big part of why we were the fastest growing organization on campus for 2 straight years. Unfortunately, this web site is no longer in use.

Tom O'Dea version 1

Blue sunbursts are so cool...

Tom O’Dea version 1

This is the first website I created for myself. I’ve included it here in my projects basically for the sole purpose that I still think it looks kind of cool.

The design would probably fit product packaging or something else better than a web site, but I still like the look. I think I bought the domain and putting something together that I just thought would look cool with no regard for how I or anyone would use it. Live and learn!

Tom O'Dea version 2

I ended up walking a few hundred yards on this run.

Tom O’Dea version 2

A completely different look to my site from the previous version. I had no idea what to write on a home page, so I had a little fun with it. This had been the site for the past 4 years, and though I like the design, I’m glad to be on WordPress now. I updated the old site and created this one because I wanted a new job. The quote from my Mom came up in the interview. I got the offer but it turns out I didn’t need the site after all, as I went to work with my buddy Karol.

I guess you could say I like pictures of me snowboarding on my web sites…

The C-Drop

A blog before they were called blogs is a ridiculous website about nonsense that I designed for my friends, who wanted something fun to mess around with while they were in college. Some of the content on the site is questionable, but I wanted to post it here because I really like the design of it.

I wanted the look to reflect the silliness of the content that I knew would be put on it. I think the design still holds up today, considering it was made in 2002, before blogs were popular and blogging software was readily available. The site is entirely modular, using php includes to separate out the components.